Original formula of bedding for chickens, cows, horses, pigs and sheeps that meets the highest absorption standards on the market. Suitable for large farms considering its economic and performance attributes, but also meets the needs of family farms. Absorption capacity of over 610.85 litres per m3.

  • Best cost efficiency ratio
  • Summer and winter material available

Available sizes

  • 3 ft3
  • 55 ft3
  • 135 ft3

Controlled pH

Low pH NATURESORB allows control on the level of ammonia released and acts as a bacteria control agent. This helps reduce odours significantly. In addition, our observations show an effective reduction in fly proliferation. These properties greatly help to improve comfort and reduce the spread of bacteria caused by these insects.

Fertilizing Value

The structure of NATURESORB leads to a manure with a better fertilizing value given a very low C/N ratio and ability to retain the nutrients contained in it. Its high absorption rate compared to conventional bedding results in less manure to manage. This makes application easier and reduces the workload.

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